Blindfold 4x4 Driving - 1Hr

only £43.99 per person

Do you think you have the skill to tackle an off-road driving course? Well how about taking the excitement up a couple of notches and doing the whole thing blindfolded! After a full briefing from your instructor they'll move over to the passenger seat and secure your blindfold, making sure you can't see a thing. With the help of your friends in the back seat you'll then have to navigate your way round the tricky off-road course without being able to rely on your eyes. As though that's not hard enough you'll be doing it all against the clock. Once you've completed the course it's time to return the favour and help your friends complete the course as quickly as possible.

N.B. : 1 Participant driving, up to 3 other as passengers. Minimum of 15 people needed for a Sunday,

Restrictions: MinAge: 18,  MinGroup: 6, 

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