Junior Rally Experience

only £130.00 per person

This heart-racing 2 hour experience gives junior drivers aged between 10-16 the chance to take the wheel of a rally car to experience the rush of rallying. With the help of an instructor the junior drivers will learn the basics of driving in a safe and controlled environment, which means they're free to find out how fast these race-ready rally cars really are! After a short driving assessment the instructor will tailor the session to suit the skills of each individual, and over the course of the session drivers will learn everything from steering and braking, to basic rallying skills like handbrake turns and power slides. The session comes to an end with a high-speed passenger ride, and with the instructor at the wheel the cars will be pushed to the limit.

N.B. : Juniors must be accompanied by a spectating parent or guardian.

Restrictions: MinAge: 10,  MinHeight: 147 0,  MaxWeight: 127 Kg,  MinGroup: 1, 

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  • " I booked a half day event as a joint present for my two sons and myself. Arrived at the venue and joined the rest of the group to have our briefing.

    There were 15 in the group who were split into 3 groups of 5. Each group had their own instructor, ours was Ryan who was exceptionally tolerant (and brave!). I can't remember how many practice runs there were before the two timed stages but spread out over the morning I felt it was very well organised with quite short intervals between goes. At the end, Ryan was able to repay the fear by showing us what it's really like when done properly!

    The main organiser (sorry can't remember your name) was very knowledgable and very happy to talk about his own rallying experiences.

    Be prepared to get a bit muddy and don't wear your best bib and tucker. Yes it is expensive but in the grand scheme of things I think it is very good value for money when you consider their high overheads of vehicle maintenance, ground upkeep and insurances.

    Thank you to all of the organisers, we had a great time time."

    Richard Allam

    RATED 4.8 out of 5